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Preserving memories for generations to come

 I've learned that looking back at photos you relive the feelings of those moments. That's why it's so important to me to make sure that you have the best experience possible. It's an honor to be trusted to document your memories.


I've been interested in photography for as long as I can remember, starting as a child photographing flowers in my backyard. When my son was born and I unexpectedly decided to stay home, photography was a natural progression. I remember leaving my career as a teacher was not an easy decision, but now I feel so lucky. I love what I do! Meeting new people and capturing memories that last a life time has been so rewarding.


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After Henry arrived I decided to stay home from teaching to be with him, and Michelle Bordenkircher Photography was a natural progression - I already had a camera in my hand almost every day!

Launched Michelle Bordenkircher Photography!


Had my son, Henry


Our family grew by one in 2022 and you can bet this photographer mama has dozens of memory cards filled with sweet day to day moments of our little boy.

...more exciting things to come!

Michael and I had been together for seven years when we got married! We were high school sweethearts, getting together at the end of our senior year.

Married my Husband, Michael


In college I decided I wanted to become an elementary school teacher. I taught for seven years before deciding to pursue my passion.

Graduated from U of L with my degree in education


I've always liked taking pictures of my friends, and in high school I saved up and bought my first real camera. I've since upgraded but I haven't put a camera down since!

Got my first camera and began learning photography



Michelle Bordenkircher Photography

Each year my family grows a big garden. My dad comes over and helps us plant while my son digs in the dirt. If there's something I could talk about for hours, it's gardening, sustainable agriculture, and my favorite author, Wendell Berry.

I love to Garden

Before I was a photographer, I worked for JCPS as an English as a second language teacher. I absolutely loved working with the kids and learned so much from them! I also speak Spanish from my time as an ESL teacher, although it has since gotten a bit rusty.

I used to be a teacher

This is personally my favorite fun fact as our chickens give us endless entertainment! Need a laugh after a long day? Bring treats to the chickens and watch them all come running.

We own Chickens!

I'm a wife to a hard working husband and a mom to one sweet little boy. My car is a mess and I've come to realize that's not going to change. I'm embracing the chaos that comes with this stage of life.

I'm a wife and a mom

These are a few of my favorite things. Any free time I get, if I'm not editing photos or working in the garden, you can find me snuggled up with a book, cup of coffee in hand. If it's a nice day, I'm out in my kayak with family & friends.

I love reading, kayaking, & coffee

It's an honor to be alongside you during your biggest moments. I take that honor very seriously and strive to create a lasting relationship. Making sure that you have a fun and stress free experience is the top priority for me, and the pretty pictures are sure to follow! 

It's about more than just taking pretty pictures. It's about creating a relationship and making memories that last a lifetime.

I look forward to meeting you!

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